Havana, Cuba

Frozen in Time

In May of 2012 I visited Cuba via a people-to-people educational exchange program. Under US law at the time, this was the legal path to travel to this colorful part of the world. Current law is fuzzy and keeps changing. But it is very much worth the effort to arrange a trip there. The citizens of Havana are engaging and and friendly…and very open to having their pictures taken. I had a wonderful time and I wouldn’t hesitate to take a return trip should the opportunity arise.

Cameras used were a Panasonic G3 with a 14-45 zoom, and an Olympus EPL-1 with a 45/1.8. I also had a Canon S95 that was employed for the occasional shot.

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Loving Life.
The Habaneros take life in stride. A group of kids invade a fountain after a brief thunder shower. Below, a couple sips rum as waves crash over the Malecon wall, soaking and cooling them.

Vintage Cars.
Whether for cruising or for taxi service, classic cars rule the roads in Havana. When a car isn’t convenient, a scooter or human powered vehicle works fine.

Children and young adults at The Abel Santamaria School for the Blind are happy to perform for a group of visitors. A young student shows off her skills at the braille typewriter. The inscription on the wall, by Jose Marti, reads,
“It does not matter what the physical weaknesses of men are when their hearts sprout ideas just and noble.”

Music Everywhere.
Whether on the streets, in alleys, or bars and restaurants, music is the constant pulse of Havana.

On the streets.
Take to the streets to mingle with the locals.

Just go.
If you’ve always longed to go to Cuba, just go…there’s nothing to stop you.

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